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To amplify A-Beauty and melanin inclusive skin care, beauty and wellness.

We are a beauty retailer designed to encourage the discovery of Black-owned A-Beauty skin care, beauty and wellness brands. Our approach is to amplify the rich biodiversity of African botanicals with a consciously curated collection re-centering the narrative and holistic rituals. Our brand partners formulate each product with clean and effective good-for-you ingredients to meet the demand for hyper-targeted skin care.


“Growing up in Jamaica, I spent my formative years uninterested in beauty traditions. My first experience with acne was at age 22 and I didn’t learn how to do my own makeup—still learning— until very recently. But regardless of how much I tried to ignore it, beauty always found its way to me, and I eventually caved in. Now, after seven years of testing products, working as a research consultant with luxury beauty brands and achieving a certification in Cosmetic Sciences at UCLA, I’ve seen first hand what works and what is missing; which led me here. Throughout history, beauty products designed for melanated skin have been excluded from shelf space, if not entirely ignored or poorly made. So I’ve decided to create a destination that encourages the discovery of consciously formulated and effective beauty brands, all made with melanin at the forefront, and vital education around A-Beauty ingredients for a richer beauty experience.” 

— Delanique Millwood, Founder and CEO

"A-Beauty is where the biodiversity of African botanicals meet innovative science to transform all skin tones."