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The Versatility of Natural Texture Clip Ins and Bundles

The Versatility of Natural Texture Clip Ins and Bundles

Editor: Neimra Coulibaly

For decades, Black women’s hair has been an art form to emphasize our innovative nature and uniqueness. We’ve embraced braids, to locs and lace-front wigs alike, and have mastered the duality when it comes to hair styling.

I remember a time when kinky, coily-textured hair was often left out of hair conversation, especially during the trendy hairstyle era that was popularized in the 2000s. It’s 2023, and I’m happy, to see that things have changed since then. 

The natural hair movement of the 2010s ushered in a new era where Black women, with natural hair, had more options to play with. We’re always seeking out styles, so much that most of us are still attempting to figure out the magic that Tinisha “Sparkle” Meeks does to Halle Bailey's locked hair. 

As the demand increased, Black women in hair care started to build solution-driven brands that speak to us. This resulted in a market of hair products across styling from conditioners to clips ins (a product that traditionally excluded kinky hair) that now caters to kinky, coily-texture hair. Once reserved for straight, euro-centric hair types, the natural textured clip-ins became popular due to its innovative nature.

For more on the hair brands we’re installing— keep reading.

Ruka Hair

Developed by Black scientists in the UK, Ruka represents the future of hair braiding with hypoallergenic, itch-free and biodegradable braiding hair for Black women. Their innovative and clean approach to a usually toxic industry has helped the brand gain popularity with young consumers that are excited about their offerings— Coils on Coils Tape Ins, Think Kink Lace Wig, and Fluff ‘n’ Fro Clip-ins. Ruka makes it easier to test the products by hosting pop-ups in the UK with samples of the clip-ins for customers to have a chance to feel and see what they are paying for.

Chi’s Luxe Braiding Hair

Braiding hair has definitely made a splash in the last couple of years. Long are the days that we are walking around with knots in our braids between the knotless boho braids and feed braid trends one can hardly keep up 

One style, in particular, is the French curls braids popularly worn by African women and girls. Chi is a USA-based hair company that specializes in premium braiding hair that is made for French curl braids. The unique thing about this braiding hair is that it is “premium silky and soft synthetic hair” claiming to give the look and feel of human hair. This hair trend is popular on TikTok and influencers like Kiitan Akinniranye and Chizi Duru have been seen rocking this style on their vacations this summer.

Hair For The Girls

Two Black women teamed up over their love and struggle with natural textured hair. Yvette and Lindsay recognized that there was no one that was providing a premium hair brand that was affordable and catered to and centered around empowering a community of women and girls. 

I relate to the “love affair with extensions” perspective they had when starting this hairline. I personally am an avid user of kinky textured clips ins, they have come in handy at the moment when I need more volume and length to my natural hairstyles. Hair for the Girls is actually for the girl encouraging us to embrace our natural hair in a fun, creative and transformative way. Yvette and Lindsay captured what it means to create a product that speaks to a demographic that is often disregarded in the hair extension world and we thank them for their contributions to the long history of Black women's hair in the United States.

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