Who We Are

A Skin-Always Destination ✨

Skintellect is a community driven platform, built to inspire the world of skincare, beauty, and wellness to embrace everyday skin. We provide tastemaker tips, industry resources and advice through digital content, newsletters, virtual meetups, and IRL experiences to help cultivate and redefine the conversations about healthy skin.

Our ultimate goal is to empower all skin types to feel good and be represented in skincare. We are rooted in four core values: curiosity, inclusivity, resourcefulness, and wit, all while committed to sharing stories that celebrate you.





I dreamt up Skintellect more than two years ago. I knew I wanted to see a platform empowering a budding skincare community that also provided access to resources on the business of skincare. What I didn't realize was that I would be the person to bring this community to life. 

Sharing my passion for ingredients, products, and the art of the perfect routine started back in 2016 during a rapid acne breakout. The experience, though embarrassing at first, empowered me to learn more about healthy skin and what it means to go skin deep with a focus on the gut-skin axis.

That curiosity brought me to a UCLA crash course where I learned about the science of skincare and thereafter, I spent years researching, consulting, meeting pioneers in the industry and continuing to learn everyday.

Today, I am proud to breathe life into Skintellect. A no-fuss approach to skincare fit for beginners and experts alike.

Our editors will share their experiences, our favorite tastemakers will let us inside their beauty counters, and our team will unpack some of the most coveted industry insights, just for you. 

My goal is to not [only] equip you with knowledge, but to represent you and cultivate the most empowering feel-good community. 

Together we will celebrate skin. Your everyday skin ✨