The Clean Beauty Dossier: What is Bakuchiol?

Skintellect's Clean Beauty Dossier is a series where we highlight our favorite good-for-you, non-toxic beauty ingredients that promote healthy, glowing skin. Each edit features a list of coveted products: face, body, and gut, that we have recommended just for you.


Bakuchiol, derived from the Ayurvedic Babchi plant in India, is a clean plant extract ingredient with antioxidants, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties that offers highly effective results similar to retinol. Its' effectiveness coupled with being less irritating makes it one of the most sought-after retinol alternatives on the market for sensitive acne prone skin.


Known for its' retinol-like effectiveness, bakuchiol helps to repair the skin and stimulate collagen production, thereby visibly brighten dark spots caused by inflamed acne, reduces the appearance of aging fine lines, and improves the skins' elasticity to boost firmness.



Good for nighttime use, this potent anti-aging serums blends bakuchiol, polyhydroxy acids, and tremella mushroom to visibly repair and resurface the skins' tone, texture, and firmness without the irritation of true retinol. Including PHA in this formula is groundbreaking as it doesn't just work to resurface the skin, it also enhances the absorption while proving hydration.

Recommended for: Sensitive skin.



Formulated to be gentle enough for daytime exposure, this powerhouse treatment is an all-in-one everyday serum that is powered with AHA and bakuchiol to target dark spots, fine lines, dull skin, and the look of pores all while protecting the skin barrier. The end result is a dramatically more brighter, even, and smoother skin tone.

Recommended for: All skin types.




Combining 1% bakuchiol, squalane, and sacha inchi oil, this creamy and nurturing moisturizer is a great source of lightweight hydration after applying your daily toners and serums and can be used both day and night for maximum benefit. 

Recommended for: Normal skin type.




Similar to the glow cycle Retin-ATL serum, the Goodnight glow Retin-ATL sleeping crème is a transformative moisturizer that delivers all the benefits of the bakuchiol and AHA with an added boost of hydration that works overnight while you sleep. Without a doubt you'll wake up to brighter nourished skin.

Recommended for: All skin types.


Featured image via Hero Cosmetics.

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