The Clean Beauty Dossier: Bilberry Seed Oil

Skintellect's Clean Beauty Dossier is a series where we highlight our favorite good-for-you, non-toxic beauty ingredients that promote healthy, glowing skin. Each edit features a list of coveted products: face, body, and gut, that we have recommended just for you.


Bilberry, a native fruit from the Nordic region, is a potent antioxidant packed plant that strengthens and protect the skin barrier from environmental stressors. When used in skincare, bilberry extract astringent properties are known to deeply cleanse and nourish the skin.


Good to use topically and in ingestible beauty products, bilberry is known to reduce inflammation and boost your body's natural collagen. This superfood ingredient helps to maintain and promote the skin's natural moisture barrier to reveal a healthier, more radiant skin.



Formulated to nourish your skin to reveal its natural glow, Nuria Beauty's vegan friendly nighttime treatment promotes hydrated, plumped and dewy healthy-looking skin, leaving your skin more radiant in the morning.

Recommended for: Dry damaged skin.



To maintain a balanced skin and reduce the overproduction of sebum, this smoothie-like face mask deeply purifies the skin with a mix of blackcurrant seed oil, black tea extract, and Brazilian purple clay.

Recommended for: Combination and oily skin.



Packed with 13 different berries, this lightweight non-sticky serum work together to soothe and leave your skin with a healthy glow. The super gentle formula makes it perfect for daily day and night application.

Recommended for: Acne prone skin.




We believe in beauty from inside out, so naturally, we would recommend adding a flavorful bilberry powder to your everyday smoothie or açai bowl to amp up your ingestible beauty routine. This pure dehydrated, not processed, powder serves up to 300 berries per tablespoon, making it a great source of antioxidants and fiber.

Recommended for: All skin types.


Featured image via Nuria Beauty.

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