Our Founder Delanique Millwood Shares Her Youth to the People Clear Skin Routine

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My relationship with skincare has drastically changed over the past few years, months even. Between maturing into a Skintellectual and intentionally curating my skincare routine during the height of the pandemic, I've learned to commit to less is more and find a wholesome balance that works for me. Though, let's be clear, less is more should not be confused with a 5-in-1 product that claims to fix it all with a few droplets of an emulsified formula.

The previous routine (or lack thereof) in question a mosh pit of products ranging from one brand to the other, seemingly colliding, with little to no understanding if they were all working in tandem to heal my provoked skin. But like all things, there is usually a silver lining. Why? because during that time while racing through face creams and serums, I started testing out Youth to the People, which was my official introduction to clean beauty. And even though I was impressed by the hydrating results and effectiveness of the superfood cleanser, it wasn't until a year ago when YTTP launched their 15% Vitamin C + Clean Caffeine Energy Serum that I became hooked.

If you've been following my skincare journey and reading my product roundup articles, then you know how much I write home about Vitamin C serums and all it has done for my skin.

Fast forward to today and I now have a full fledged summer-ready Youth to the People skincare routine that I just cannot shut up about. My new and beloved 6-steps routine is the equivalent to slow-skin with each product / step having a purpose to achieve the most hydrating and clear skin. Unlike my all-over-the-place routine of the past, I'm now that girl who *occasionally* balances the right amount of Niacinamide, Vitamin C and BHA in the same routine.

My New & Improved Routine:

Superfood Cleanser

During the morning and evening, I always cleanse with the Superfood Cleanser an anti-inflammatory rich formula that gently slough away dirt and prevents build up. Unlike most cleansers that tend to strip away my skin's natural oil, visibly leaving my skin tight and dry, I love that this cleanser both thoroughly cleanse my skin and adds back moisture. Packed with Spinach and Green Tea, both ingredients seems to carry this formula, emphasizing on how soothing it leaves the skin.

Superclay Purify + Clear Power Mask

The latest addition to my routine that I use once a week, is the Superclay Purify + Clear Power Mask— a powerful detoxifying volcanic clay mask that is packed with a 2% Niacinamide, BHA and Red Willow Bark active clearing complex. Combining both Niacinamide + BHA is the ultimate pore strengthening formula as the BHA unclogs pores while the Niacinamide tightens unclogged pores. Occasionally I'll use the mask as a full face treatment, but when I'm experiencing a few breakouts like I did three weeks ago, I use it as a spot treatment twice a week to target specific problematic areas. 

Adaptogen Soothe + Hydrate Activated Mist

After cleanser and weekly treatments, my favorite pastime is luxuriating in the Adaptogen Soothe + Hydrate Activated Mist the most hydrating and calming face mist that acts like a peptide-filled serum. I typically keep this in the fridge to make the experience even more soothing and the perfect way to wake-up my skin in the morning or midday during the summer heat.

15% Vitamin C + Clean Caffeine Energy Serum

Following up with 15% Vitamin C + Clean Caffeine Energy Serum— the holy grail product that turned me into a YTTP convert overnight. Not to exaggerate but this serum is one of the best vitamin c serums I've used and seen extraordinary results within 4 weeks. I was struggling with dull skin, it gave my complexion a glow. I had stubborn dark acne spots, it brightened the hyperpigmentation. Overall, the pro-grade formula is unmatched and will never be replaced in my everyday routine. 

Superberry Dream Eye Cream

I'm a little ashamed to admit that I used to skip eye cream, thinking it was only for "mature skin", whatever that means. But ever since I've been using the Superberry Dream Eye Cream— a potent goji berry + squalane rich cream that hydrates and smooth fine lines, my stance on eye creams has changed. Though a nighttime product, I've included a dime size in both my morning and evening routine to help reduce my rather dull under-eyes. 

Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream 

The most unmatched everyday face cream is the Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream— an antioxidant rich formula that combines majority of the superfood ingredients used in the cleanser with Hyaluronic Acid to boost moisture, nourish and restore the skin's barrier. The name speaks for itself, it's an uber lightweight whipped texture that absorbs nicely into the skin without leaving any leftover lather. Pro tip: I sometimes add a drop of Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Oil for a bit of indulgence and  a more glowing skin.

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